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Burial Services

DIRECT BURIAL is where there is no service. The burial takes place with no one present.

This option is usually chosen by people who want a low key send off or have a limited budget.

DIRECT BURIAL WITH SERVICE is similar to the above, however a service at Meadowvale Chapel would take place in the days prior to the Burial. Giving the option for a small intimate service with close family and friends. Maximum attendance 20 people.

ATTENDED BURIAL is where traditionally there is a service undertaken by an officiary in a place of worship and the deceased is taken to the burial site by hearse or similar. Our prices start at £1750 and will increase depending on the clients choices and 3rd party options.


Burial Services: Services

Burial Service Examples

Please see below some examples of our services, we do not offer 'packages' as your loved one is unique and deserves to be treated that way.

We are very open and honest with our pricing and are more than happy to discuss your specific requirements.


Purchase and Burial Fee (Redcar and Cleveland £1570)

Directors Choice Coffin   

Bringing Your Loved One into Our Care - Day or Night

All Professional Charges



Purchase and Burial Fee (Redcar and Cleveland £1570)

A Simple Burial Coffin 

Bringing Your Loved One into Our Care - Day or Night

Care and Preparation

All Professional Charges

Chapel Of Rest Visits

Service in Meadowvale Chapel

(maximum 12 attendees)

Civil Celebrant



Our Services Start at £1750 

This Includes Provision of a Hearse 

All Professional Services

Bringing your loved one into our care

Use of Private Chapel of Rest 

Hearse on the Day of the Funeral Chosen by you and your family, 

Disbursements may vary based on Cemetery Authority and Place of Worship 

Burial Services: Guidance
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